About us

If you are looking for some kinds of software solutions, congratulations, you come to the right site!

We are a small company focusing on provide professional and affordable software solutions. High quality and low rate is the key to keep us moving forward.

Here is what our professionals shine:

  • Web applications

    Web sites are every where nowadays. Our goal is to keep your sites updated, atractive and functional. We build web sites from e-commercial, content management, financial transaction processing to graphic and flash concentrated, etc. Our sites are build on all kinds of platforms, like Linux(Appache/PHP/MySQL) and Windows (IIS/ASP.NET). We also work on maintain and customize some web applications, like WordPress, .NET duke, Joomla, Interspire etc.

  • Mobile Apps

    With the popularity of portal/smart device, mobile apps are getting more and more popular. We are focusing on build business oriented apps for both iOS and Android platform.

  • Windows Applications

    We build all sorts of software applications for Microsoft Windows platforms by using the most modern tools. So our applications are always user friendly and easy to maintain and upgrade. Our experienced designer and developers are making sure the application can understand your business and keep your productivity high. We also work to maintain, migrate or re-write your legacy Windows applications.